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Olas klatreløype
Olas klatreløype
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Olas klatreløype
Olas klatreløype
Olas klatreløype
Olas klatreløype - Zip line
Olas klatreløype

Olas climbing slope

In our climbing park we have two trails with different levels of difficulty. Everyone who wants to climb can borrow a harness and helmet, and go through a short training course where they learn how to use the harness and safety. We ask that parents also follow the education. Then they can choose between two trails:

Heddas trail


For those of you who are taller than 115cm with your hands in the air
Hedda 115 cm

Hedda's climbing trail is the smallest and simplest trail. Children who are 115cm with their hands in the air can walk this trail. Here the children are challenged at the right height. If they like this trail and want to advance, they can try their hand at Ola's climbing trail if they are over 135 cm with their hands in the air.



Olas trail

For those of you who are taller than 135cm with your hands in the air
Ola 135 cm

Ola's climbing trail is 135m, a little bit more scary and a little bit more challenging. This consists of several obstacles and is somewhat higher up in the trees than Hedda's climbing trail. Ola's climbing trail ends with a Zip-line.

Children who have mastered the big course and zipline gets a stamp on their hand and when showing this stamp, the child does not have to take the test course again. Parents can, and should, follow the path along the trail and help if the child needs it. Olas climbing slope is not suitable for people over 160cm, and no one without a climbing harness should move in the climbing construction. Harnesses, helmets and protective caps under the helmet are provided by our instructors. The instructors will put on a harness and helmet as well as explain and show, both for the children and also for the parents, how the carabiner hook works. Parents must be involved in where we put on harnesses and helmets, AND the parents MUST assist in putting on the equipment if there is a need for this, parents also get information about how the carabiner hook works. Our climbing system including continuous safety and the zipline stroller (supplied and developed by Kanopeo, Certified Saferoller® Trolley) means that children can NOT be disconnected from the trail without the assistance of one of our instructors. When the child does not want or can not complete the round, we ask parents to contact one of the instructors so that they can release the child from the carabiner hook.


NB parents SHOULD NOT climb on any platforms or in the construction itself, parents should only move on the ground - only children with the correct equipment and the instructors should move on the construction. Parents / guardians take off the harness and helmet after the round, if you need help, one of our instructors will assist with this. When returning harnesses and helmets, these are placed on the designated benches, so that we can disinfect them before the next user can use them.