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Hafjell Playland

Hafjell Playland is the closest neighbor to Lilleputthammer and is a 900m2 large indoor playground. Here are different zones for the different ages, which consists of adapted play facilities and challenges. Lekeland is just as fun in rainy weather as in sunshine, and guests at Lilleputthammer get a 50% discount on the entrance ticket to Lekeland the same day. Go play!

Area for 0 - 2 year old
In the play area for the little ones, there are large soft blocks to climb or slide on. The area is also fenced so that the little ones can feel safe to explore their area.

Area for 2 - 4 year old
The play area is a smaller version of the main play area, adapted for children in the age group 2 - 4 years. The play area is over 4 levels, and consists of slides, ball bins, obstacle courses and more.

Main area
The largest play area in Lekeland Hafjell is adapted for children aged 4 to approx. 12 years. Here the children can frolic in challenging activities in a play facility on over 4 levels, with slides, obstacle courses, ball bins and more.

Opening hours

Open Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-18:00.

Open every day from 22 June - 18 August 11:00-18:00

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