Åpning av Lilleputthammer 1983
Pariserhjulet i Lilleputthammer
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About Lilleputthammer

Lilleputthammer in Hafjell is the only family park in Norway specially adapted for children between 0 and 8 years. Here the children feel safe to try new things!

In the "small town with the big heart", children can ride train, car, boat, carousels, Ferris wheel, roller coaster or speed down the Ola's frog jumps. They can frolic in climbing towers, obstacle course, on jumping castles and trampolines.

Inside the houses, children can draw, build, play or go to the cinema. In the children's book town, they can listen to a reading session several times a day during the high season.

In Lilleputthammer, strive to make the children feel joy and mastery within a safe framework.

Around the park there are many seating areas, sandboxes, seesaws, trampolines, obstacle course, bouncy castles etc. We have wheelbarrows for loan. There are changing rooms in all toilets and we have our own breastfeeding rooms in Cafe Central and Miniputthuset.

The miniature town

Lilleputthammer Familiepark in Hafjell is a miniature version of Storgata in Lillehammer in the 1930s, built on a scale of 1: 4. For adults, Lilleputthammer Family Park provides a historical look back to the 1930s with the shops, hotels and cafés of the time. There are 44 shops, 2 hotels, 3 cafes, 2 bakeries, police and a cinema. Here you will find everything from J. Bøhmer's Hardware Store and Th. Julins Broderiforretning to Pølsemaker Johansen. In "Storgata" in Lilleputthammer there are culture houses, playhouses, Ola and Hedda's clubhouse, cinema, ballhouse, mini putthouse with suckler hook, brick house, train playhouse, carpentry house, picture bookhouse, comic book house, fact bookhouse, mystery and youth literature and father were small houses ".

For the houses, 2830 specially made insulated window glass, approx. 1 million moldings and 80,000 roof tiles have been used. In Kulturhuset you can read more about the history of Lilleputthammer.

The story of Lilleputthammer
Lilleputthammer was opened by former Prime Minister Odvar Nordli on June 29, 1983 with a bang, and is Norway's oldest family park. The creators of Lilleputthammer are Kjell and Hjørdis Madsen. They had a dream of making their own play town for the children, Lilleputthammer Lekeby. Lilleputthammer Lekeby was a copy of Lillehammer in size ¼ with 60 buildings from the city's Storgate in a style from the turn of the century. The initiative attracted attention throughout Norway and quickly became a well-known and beloved stopover for families with children in the summer.

In 1996, Viking Gruppen AS (now Welle Gruppen AS) buys Øyer Gjestegård and Lilleputthammer, and from 2006 Welle Gruppen AS also takes over the operation of the park. From 2007, Lilleputthammer will be established as a new family park, large sums will be invested in new attractions and the houses in the street will be refurbished. The first attractions (Ferris wheel, frog jump, roller coaster, toll boats and electric cars) came in 2007. For the 25th anniversary in 2008 came 3 more attractions (great-grandfather cars, nostalgia carousel and climbing tower) and the restaurant Park Cafeen is built in Søndre park.

The Children's Book City is also established during these two years as a small town in the city with about 12,000 used children's books. From 2009 until today, the entertainment offer has been developed for regular theater performances and reading time every day. Two new stages have been established, and several shows are set up every summer.

Lilleputthammer family park is still a unique family park, with the distinctive, small and cute houses - and that everything is adapted to the small children.

The operating company of the family park is Lilleputthammer Lekeland AS. Hafjell Resort is responsible for the marketing of Lilleputthammer. Both companies are subsidiaries of Welle Gruppen AS.