Cafe Central
Pizza bakt i steinovn
Mama taco pizza
Pizza på Café central
Café central pizzeria

Café central

Café Central takes you to Naples!

Our Italian-inspired menu consists of pizza, pasta and lasagna. You can also buy other types of food such as garlic bread, nachos and sausages here.

We also offer pizza take-away, so you can take delicious pizza on the way home or enjoy it out in the park.

Café Central is located at the entrance to Lilleputthammer and here you will also find a small souvenir shop.

In the immediate vicinity there are toilets adapted for the disabled, changing rooms and nursing rooms.

Opening days 2024

Weekends 25.05 - 16.06 12 - 17
22.June - 4.August 12 - 17
5.August – 11.August 12 - 16
Weekends 12.08– 13.10 12 - 16