Sandwich og tacobaguette fra Parkkaeen
Park cafeen i Lilleputthammer
Sandwich fra parkkafeen
Tacobaguette i Lilleputthammer
Park cafeen i Lilleputthammer
Park cafeen
Park cafeen

The park café

In the Park Café in the middle of Lilleputthammer you can get freshly made norwegian waffles, buns, cakes and soft drinks. Toast, baguettes and salad can also be purchased here.

The Park Café is located in the heart of Lilleputthammer, in Søndre park close to the playground and the city stage. Here you experience the vibrant small town life while enjoying the meal.

All seats in the Park Café are under a roof that provides shelter from rain and sun. Here you will also find our ice corner where we offer ice cream and mineral water. On the city stage, Ola and Hedda will also occasionally appear to dance and greet the children.

Opening days 2024

Weekends 25.05 - 16.06

10 - 17

22.June - 4.August

09 - 18

5.August – 18.August

10 - 17

Weekends 24.08 - 13.10

10 - 16