Sirkus Lilleputthammer
Denis i Cirkus Lilleputthammer

Cirkus Lilleputthammer

Cirkus Lilleputthammer has a performance every day from 24 June - 6 August at 16:00.

From June 24 - July 8, our dear Denis will hold a circus show. Denis has been in Cirkus Lilleputthammer two seasons previously and is a juggler and funnyman whom the children love.

From 29 June - 8 July, Denis will be joined by the circus artists Flor and Jacopo from Cirkus Follies. With unicycles and juggling mixed with humor and acrobatics, they will entertain and charm the audience in the circus tent.

From 8 July - 6 August, Flor and Jakopo manage the show alone.

The circus performance is included in the entrance ticket.