Barnas bokby
Barnas bokby
Barnas bokby

The children's book city

The children's book town is a small "city" in the town.

In the middle of the main street in Lilleputthammer you will find a unique attraction - worldwide! The children's book town has the largest collection of used children's books. About 12,000 books in 5 houses.

Each age group has "their house", and all the books are for sale.
1. "When grandmom-and-granddad-was-kids-house", Books from 1900 - 1970

2. Picture book and toddler literature house, books from 1970 until today for the target group 0-7 years.
3. The youth house, books from 1970 until today for the target group 7-18 years

4. The cartoon house;
comics, magazines and paperbacks
5. The fact house; fact books, encyclopedias and hobby books.

The book town has its own shop where you will find lots of exciting stuff like:
1. The latest news from Norwegian children's literature
2. Stationery and hobby goods

3. Toys and unique fun with NOSTALGIA as the common denominator!

All the employees in the book city will do their part to create good experiences for our summer guests, and it is fun reading sessions and exciting activities in the book city every day.

Welcome to a pleasant trade and magical reading moments in the Children's Book City!