Klatretårn for barna

Climbing tower

The climbing tower in Lilleputthammer has many play combinations and challenges. Several towers, climbing walls and fun footbridges make the climbing tower exciting for the children.

The climbing tower is made of wood and consists of several small houses with slides, rope ladders and stairs. The children get to play and use up their energy. Absolutely perfect for the kids who are on summer vacation in Lilleputthammer. After 50 times through the climbing tower on the way to the slide, today's "training session" is probably well done!

In addition, the children will be trained in balance and body coordination, as well as strength and grip.

The climbing tower is an exciting activity with plenty of space. The children stay here for a long time.

Very close to the climbing tower is "The house in the forest" where you can buy food and drink. There are also toilets.

Outside the house in the woods there are benches and tables where you can relax while the children play and enjoy themselves in the climbing tower.